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Product Care


Our goal is to make durable products that last a long time, and proper care will help maintain the longevity of your bag! Care instructions vary by product and material type, and can be found on the content tag of your bag. Follow the guidelines below to keep your item looking great for years to come.



Fabric Mask Care

CDC guidelines state that masks should be routinely washed according to the frequency of use. When not in use, masks can be hung up by their straps or thrown directly in the wash.


Nylon & Canvas Care


To clean our Recycled Ripstop Nylon and Heavyweight Nylon products, machine (or hand) wash cold and line dry.



Nearly all of our Canvas products are machine washable, with the exception of bags with hardware (such as top zip closures), which should be spot cleaned. Since heat can be damaging to the integrity of the fabric, we recommend line drying, as it is more gentle (and better for the environment!). 



Leather Care

We use full and top grain leathers in our leather line. “Full-grain” refers to hides that have not been altered to remove natural marks on the hide, whereas “top-grain” leather has undergone a finishing process for a more smooth, uniform texture. We use smart construction methods to avoid creating excess hide waste, and assemble some of our smaller items from scrap material. 



We recommend using a natural leather cleaner and conditioner to care for both full and top grain leathers. While spot removers and cleaners can be used for slight stains and general maintenance, professional leather cleaning will be the most effective to properly care for your bag.


Color Transfer

Some color transfer may occur with darker colored leathers. Before first use, we suggest rubbing the surface of the bag with a terry towel. Likewise, our lighter colored leathers are more susceptible to picking up color transfer from pigmented materials such as colored denim.



Conditioning your full grain leather bag can help to coat the leather and alleviate color transfer. Because this type of leather is unfinished, we recommend conditioning to maintain the longevity of your bag. Possible conditioners include mink oil and saddle soap. Please be mindful that mink oil and saddle soap may cause some darkening to occur and we suggest testing a small amount on an inconspicuous area, such as the inside of the handles, before applying conditioner to the entire bag.



Due to the soft grain of the leather, using a bristle suede brush is best for maintenance and delicate cleaning. We recommend using weather guard spray to coat and protect suede. Although suede leather is particularly prone to color transfer, it is important not to condition your suede leather bag or treat it with any type of oil.



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